We Have To Go Back

Hello, Da7e here.

I’ll admit, when Lost ended I was one of those people who initially thought that focusing on the characters was bullsh*t. Although I’ve come to terms with Plot Vs. Character on television since, it always bugged me that what I focused on during Lost’s airing was supposedly not the focus.

What follows is a long-form editing/re-watching experiment where I go through the complete series of Lost and strip away all of the FlashBacks, FlashForwards and FlashSideways to see what we’re left with and why Lost took ultimately took the narrative form that it did.

I’ll explain my method in text and videos and include the entirety of my first season of Lost. In audio segments with my Fighting In The War Room co-hosts, we’ll discuss how we experienced Lost‘s narrative and how the capability to re-watch an entire series gives you the freedom to re-construct the narrative.

Any text that appears in Bold (like this paragraph) triggers a comment section when you hover over it with your mouse.

If there is a conclusion, it’s not damning as much as it is a celebration of the new power of the television viewer and it’s application to a groundbreaking series.

Thanks for venturing into my insanity.

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