199 – Sundance 2018, Una mujer fant├ística, Call Me By Your Name for everybody


This week, David is back from Park City and not on Ambien this time, so we revisit his experiences at Sundance 2018 and try to find out if this was a down or off year for the festival, or just the perception. Then, Patches and David have seen Foriegn Oscar Nom Una mujer fantástica and talk about why you should see it! Finally – Dave has seen Call Me By Your Name! It only took a year since the movie's premiere, but Dave made the time to see it…why isn't the rest of America?


Also, we are asking for you, the listener, to help us program our upcoming Quarter Quell! We want you to pick a movie that is on Netflix for each of us to watch that we might not otherwise choose–maybe because we're terrified of horror, maybe because we don't want enough inernational films, whatever. Pick a movie that would actually be interesting to discuss or see– sorry, A Christmas Prince– and tweet at us or post on Facebook with your picks. Each of us will be assigned a fiml that is brand-new to us to watch, and we'll discuss it on the upcoming Quarter Quell, with a thank-you to whoever picked it! 

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Myths and Ghosts

02:24 – Intro – Welcome to Episode 199! 

12:13 – Tidbit: David Reports from Sundance Again

29:55 – Mini Segment: A Fantastic Woman

38:24 –  Segment 3: Call Me By Your Name is finally everywhere

1:00:32 –  Outro 

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