192 – Ratings, Star Trek Discovery, and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri


This week, David was at the Gotham Awards, so Katey, Da7e, and Patches round up to talk about the MPAA and Ratings because Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name are both R (and Patches thinks they're both good movies for late teens). Then, Patches and Da7e geek out about Star Trek Discovery for a breif moment as the first season is on a middle-break before all three hosts get into a good old-fashioned FITWR discussion about Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri – which all three of them liked…maybe.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Movies About Making Movies

01:52 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 192!  

04:15 – Tidbit: Ratings and the MPAA

20:27 – Tidbit 2:  Star Trek Discovery Mid-Season Check In

30:01 –  Segment 3: Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

56:30 –  Outro 

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