185 – Rick and Morty Sauce Gate, New The Last Jedi Trailer, Blade Runner 2049


This week, all four hosts converge on the night of the new The Last Jedi trailer to talk about…Rick and Morty fans making fools out of themselves for a McDonald's promotion, that trailer that we watched right before we started recording. Then, we cap it all off with a FULL SPOILER review of Blade Runner 2049 where the Daves have a rare team up.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Best Jackie Chan Moment

02:05 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 185!  GIVEAWAY!

10:39 – Tidbit: Rick and Morty Sauce Gate

23:10 – Mini-Segment: The Last Jedi Trailer 2

30:39 –  Segment 3: Blade Runner 2049, All the Spoilers

59:46 –  Outro 

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