STORM OF SPOILERS TOUR: Great Debates – Definitive 2017 Movie & TV



 With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales of, and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!

Welcome to another off season tour episode of A STORM OF SPOILERS!

This week, it's the THIRD of the podcast Great Debates! After the usual Review and "We've talked about this already" segments, all three hosts present their pick for Definitive Movie of 2017 and make thier case, including input from listeners. Then, about 50 minutes in, they pivot to the Definitive TV Show of 2017 with a listener suggestion that's probaby gonna win. Once again – It's going to be a Twitter polls that decide the ultimate winner!

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This week's closing track:

131 – White Guys, Then Children’s Movies



Plus a "bad" mini segment

This week, Patches, Joanna, David and Da7e debate how much they can hold Stephen Colbert responsible for apologizing to Donald Trump on the Late Show last year, only to use him as a target for ridicule to boost his ratings now. Then, David wants everyone to pick a single "best living director" for a mini segment, then with Pete's Dragon coming out this week and garnaring some good reviews, we ponder the state of Children's/Family films in a year of talking animal overload.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Bridges!

01:24-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 131!  Reviews!

06:40 –  Tidbit:  Stephen Colbert and Donald Drumpf

21:26  – Mini Segment: Best Working Director Picks

30:50 – Segment 3: The State of Children's and/or Family Entertainment

56:54 –  Outro


Operation Kino 137: David vs. Copyright Law, The Future Of Late Night, And A New Quiz Time!


This week we’re waging war all over the place. David recounts his recent scuffle with Vimeo and gets into the future of copyright law and filmmaking and the Internet, Patches wonders why Jimmy Fallon isn’t living up to his potential, Katey wonders if a second cut of Anchorman 2is a good idea, and we all battle each other in a new Quiz Time mini-segment! All that plus our favorite young adult science-fiction story picks.

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00:00-01:14 Lightning Round

1:57 – 15:15 Patches’ tidbit: The evolution (or lack thereof) of late night television

15:31 -27:13 Katey’s tidbit: Are two versions of Anchorman 2 really a good idea?

27:32 – 35:09 Mini-segment: Quiz Time!

35:30 – 59:23 Segment 3: David wages war against Vimeo, copyright law and the myth of fair use

59:35 – 1:02:36 Goodbye!

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This week’s music:

“London Bridge” by Fergie
“Heroes” by David Bowie

And here’s David’s countdown of the best films of 2012, preserved by YouTube: