Top Tens 2017


The Logest Episode For The Longest Year

It's that time of year again: time to make a list! Katey, Patches and David all have their top ten films of the year and Da7e will host a countdown episode, popping in occasionally to rate superhero movies (#onbrand).  Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show (@FITWR), Katey (@KateyRich),  Patches (@misterpatches), Da7e (@da7e) and David (@davidehrlich ).

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00:00 – Introduction and Format, Dave's First Pick

4:10 – #10s

25:53 – #9s

40:49 – #8s

51:30 – #7s

1:06:55 – #6s

1:18:55 – #5s

1:35:57 – #4s

1:45:57 – #3s

1:57:21 – #2s

2:12:00 -#1s




1. Lady Bird
2. Call Me By Your Name
3. Dunkirk
4. The Lost City of Z
5. Get Out
6. BPM
7. Darkest Hour
8. The Florida Project
9. The Post
10. Stronger


1. Call Me By Your Name
2. Get Out
3. A Ghost Story
4. Columbus
5. The Lost City of Z
6.  Personal Shopper
7. The Florida Project
8. Logan Lucky
9. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
10.  Mother!


1. Call Me By Your Name
‚Äč2. Dunkirk
3. A Ghost Story
4. Personal Shopper
5. The Florida Project
6. Columbus
7. Lady Bird
8. Faces Places
9. The Post
10. Phantom Thread

STORM OF SPOILERS TOUR: Great Debates – Definitive 2017 Movie & TV



 With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales of, and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!

Welcome to another off season tour episode of A STORM OF SPOILERS!

This week, it's the THIRD of the podcast Great Debates! After the usual Review and "We've talked about this already" segments, all three hosts present their pick for Definitive Movie of 2017 and make thier case, including input from listeners. Then, about 50 minutes in, they pivot to the Definitive TV Show of 2017 with a listener suggestion that's probaby gonna win. Once again – It's going to be a Twitter polls that decide the ultimate winner!

Check out the episode, then jump to our Twitter account (below) to cast your votes!

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This week's closing track:

190 – Lady Bird, Alias Grace, Separating the Art From The Artist Louis CK Edition


This week, Katey, Patches, and David all live places where you can see Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird and they all really liked it, so they want to give it the review it deserves (Da7e sees it Thursday). Then, Patches, Katey, and Da7e have all digested part of (or all of) Netflix's Margaret Atwood miniseries Alias Grace (the most Canadian thing ever) and decide it's also worth a full review. Finally, because it's inescapable, we touch back in on Hollywood's sexual harrasser purge with Louis CK and Katey finally crosses the line where she never needs to expose anyone to Chinatown again.

Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show (@FITWR), Katey (@kateyrich), Da7e (@da7e)  Patches (@misterpatches), and  David (@davidehrlich) .

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Bring in a Closer

02:02 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 190!  REVIEWS! 

12:04 – Tidbit: Lady Bird

31:15 – Tidbit 2:  Alias Grace

44:34 –  Segment 3: Louis CK and another art/artist debate

01:08:56 –  Outro