158 – K-Stew in Personal Shopper and Big Little Lies


This week, Da7e is down in Texas, so while he's away, Katey, Patches, and David play…with enjoying HBO's Big Little Lies despite (maybe) being a little hesitant of it at first. Then, David doesn't really like Kong: Skull Island and really DOES like Personal Shopper, which performed big in per-theater this week. Kristen Stewart is back!

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Best Disney Musical Song

01:19 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 158!  Reviews!

07:10 –  Tidbit:  Big Little Lies

24:27  – Mini Segment: KONG – David Doesn't Like It

32:59 – Segment 3: Personal Shopper and the K-Stew renaissance

53:42 –  Outro


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