201 – Quentin and Uma, Revisiting Shape of Water, Cloverfield Paradox


This week, Uma Thurman's statements against Harvey Weinstein included terrifying video of a car crash on the Kill Bill set that had Thurman expanding on her profile comments on Instagram. Then, Da7e finally saw The Shape of Water and…doesn't get what the hype is about. Finally – Netflix surprise dropped The Cloverfield Paradox on Sunday after the Superbowl commercial announced its existence mere hours before. Since the movie isn't great, did this hurt Cloverfield?

Also, we are asking for you, the listener, to help us program our upcoming Quarter Quell! We want you to pick a movie that is on Netflix for each of us to watch that we might not otherwise choose–maybe because we're terrified of horror, maybe because we don't want enough inernational films, whatever. Pick a movie that would actually be interesting to discuss or see– sorry, A Christmas Prince– and tweet at us or post on Facebook with your picks. Each of us will be assigned a fiml that is brand-new to us to watch, and we'll discuss it on the upcoming Quarter Quell, with a thank-you to whoever picked it! 

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Non Actors

01:59 – Intro – Welcome to Episode 201! Help us plan the Quarter Quell! 

04:38 – Tidbit: Quentin and Uma

25:43 – Mini Segment: Shape of Water Again

36:42 –  Segment 3: The Cloverfiled Paradox

1:07:16 –  Outro 

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