195 – Greatest Showman, All The Money in the World, 2018 Expectations, Mad Star Wars Fans


This week, David, Patches, Katey and Da7e eventually dig into Star Wars: The Last Jedi again because the reaction to it was so unexpected…though maybe not? BUT FIRST – David has seen The Greatest Showman and Patches has seen All the Money in the World – should you be looking forward to these films? They'll tell you. Then, for a mini-segment, everyone picks a movie they are looking forward to next year.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: 2017 Movie Moment

01:39 – Intro – Welcome to Episode 195!

04:13 – Tidbit: Greatest Showman/All the Money in the World

20:48 – Mini Segment: Looking forward to in 2018

28:56 –  Segment 3: Star Wars: The Last Jedi  and it's weird online reaction

01:03:56 –  Outro 

Thought Bubble 31 – Face Merkin or Brown Fuzzy CumberPatch?



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Hello FITWR listeners, Republic City Dispatch fanatics and Storm of Spoilers/Cast of Kings fantasy nerds, we’re back for more comics discussion!

New comics enthusiast Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood and The Station Agents podcast is joined by a guy who just wants to know how Secret Wars ends already,  Da7e Gonzales of Geek.com and  Latino-Review.com

No matter your level of engagement, if you’re interested in comic books and their surrounding pop culture, this show’s for you!

THIS WEEK: Television season has kicked off and this year there are two females at the forefront. Both Da7e and Jo have seen some of Jessica Jones and the first two episodes of Supergirl so it’s time to judge the first wave of female superheroes tossed at us since Agent Carter. Then, besides some light Batman news that involves the Red Hood and some debate about the X-Franchise, it’s time to talk about Doctor Strange and Benedict Cumberbatch’s facial hair.

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This week’s closing track is “Superman” by Goldfinger