Episode 25: Quarter Quell


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Little Dude – Da7e

A few years ago, Da7e and the little devil that lives inside of him wanted to make a comedy short to prove you could make these things with absolutely zero budget. Then, during the post production process the drive with all the audio died a quick and painful death. This is what was left.

Chistropher James Culberson as Julian
Josh Krebs as Dave
Kevin Gottlieb as Pizza Guy

Made by:
Oliver Hartman
Matt Thompson
Joe Morgan
Jeremy Glass
Greg Harrison
Elizabeth MacKenzie
Erin Death
Matt Patches
Dave Gonzales

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Mudder Tongue – Patches

Tom Hecker’s personal and professional lives begin to unwind when he is struck with a mysterious ailment that deteriorates his ability to articulate thoughts. As he withdraws in order to confront the problem and protect the people around him, his teenage daughter Emma struggles to keep their strained relationship afloat.

Based on the O. Henry Award-Winning short story “Mudder Tongue” by Brian Evenson.
Written and Directed by Matthew Patches
Cinematography by Gil Seltzer
Produced by John Skidmore
Completed in the Fall of 2008

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Proposals – David

The story of a wilting young couple who begin to stage fake marriage proposals at fancy restaurants in a desperate gamble to score free meals and save their relationship.

Sarah Kohl – Nell
Adam Silverman – Evan
Adriana DeGirolami – Erica
Brad Mielke – Josh
David Ehrlich – Writer/Director
Todd Banhazl – Director of Photography
Dave Gonzales – Producer
Rachel Kiri Walker – Producer

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