195 – Greatest Showman, All The Money in the World, 2018 Expectations, Mad Star Wars Fans

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This week, David, Patches, Katey and Da7e eventually dig into Star Wars: The Last Jedi again because the reaction to it was so unexpected…though maybe not? BUT FIRST – David has seen The Greatest Showman and Patches has seen All the Money in the World – should you be looking forward to these films? They'll tell you. Then, for a mini-segment, everyone picks a movie they are looking forward to next year.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: 2017 Movie Moment

01:39 – Intro – Welcome to Episode 195!

04:13 – Tidbit: Greatest Showman/All the Money in the World

20:48 – Mini Segment: Looking forward to in 2018

28:56 –  Segment 3: Star Wars: The Last Jedi  and it's weird online reaction

01:03:56 –  Outro 

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