170 – Politics and Social Media, The Book of Henry (Spoilers), Video Game and Movie Franchise Relations

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This week, David is on his honeymoon and Patches started a discussion about healthcare on his Facebook wall that Katey and Da7e both view as various degrees of entertainment. After clearing out that, Patches gives his thoughts on Colin Trevorrow's The Book Of Henry (he didn't really like it), before Da7e and Patches rehas an Twitter argument inspired by E3: Did video game franchising lead us to the current state of movie IP-based sequels?

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Oscar Missed

01:55 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 170! Review!

06:24 –  Tidbit: Politics on Social Media

22:45  – Mini Segment: The Book of Henry

35:56 – Segment 3: Video Game and Movie Franchise Relations

50:05 –  Outro



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