169 – Hearthstone, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Men Review Wonder Woman

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This week, the podcast starts when Patches and Katey finally let Da7e ramble on a bit more about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a free to play digital collectible card game they've talked about once before. Then, David joins the group to talk about his upcoming wedding and why it reminds him that he loves Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then David/Da7e/Patches mansplain Wonder Woman in review-style to Katey, who has yet to see it.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Dark Universe

01:22 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 169! New Zealand Reviews!

07:32 –  Tidbit: Hearthstone's back

20:50  – Mini Segment: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

27:51 – Segment 3: Wonder Woman, say the Men

46:30 –  Outro



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