168 – Cannes 2017 and Wonder Woman (w/ Kristy Puchko!)

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This week, Patches went to a Mets game, so he misses David filling in Katey and Da7e on his first trip to Cannes. Then, Da7e did a crazy art experience called Meow Wolf in New Mexico and tries to describe it. Finally, we bring in Kristy Puchko of Nerdist and Comic Book Resources to talk about Wonder Woman and some of its uglier backlash.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Underpants

01:14 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 168! What's up New Zealand?

05:14 –  Tidbit:  David went to Cannes

22:45  – Mini Segment: Meow Wolf

29:26 – Segment 3: Wonder Woman and the Reaction

54:47 –  Outro



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