166 – Oscar Worthy Performances in Blockbusters

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This week, big things are coming up, like the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks and the Cannes Film Festival, so the group decides to be super timely. Da7e's seen Twin Peaks for the first time in anticipation of the revival, everyone has some pop culture stories about their mothers in hono of Monther's Day and – finally – Alien: Covenant sparks a discussion about Academy Award calibur performances in blockbusters

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Kids Book Series

01:55 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 166! Reviews!  

05:54 –  Tidbit:  Da7e Watched Twin Peaks

18:20  – Mini Segment: Mother's Day Pop Culture

25:04 – Segment 3: Alien: Covenant and Oscar Worthy Performances

51:24 –  Outro



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