161 – Raw, Prevenge, Ghost in the Shell, and The Discovery on Netflix

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The Discovery

This week, Katey is out, so for the first semi-annual acciedental bro-cast of 2017, David, Da7e, and Patches dive into the recent highlights of lady-focused horror with two new entries: Raw, about cannibalism, and Prevenge, about a murderous pregnant woman. Then, David and Patches have seen Ghost in the Shell and report back the mysterious findings. Wrapping things up, all three discuss the Sundance debut The Discovery which has just premiered on Netflix. There are some light spoilers but the good news is you can watch it right now (if you want) before you listen!

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Drunk Monster

01:21 – Intro: Welcome To Episode 161!  Reviews! Contest winners!

11:24 –  Tidbit:  Prevenge and Raw

25:52  – Mini Segment: Ghost in the Shell

37:02 – Segment 3: The Discovery on Netflix

58:21 –  Outro


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