150 – Movies that Represent What We Want for America

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It's only as political as it needs to be.

It's our sixth Quell as Fighting in The War Room! After polling listeners for Quarter Quell topics, the crew ends up selecting a winner, then tweakign the wording a bit. What they're left with is a prompt to bring movies that represent what they want to see in America. Da7e brings Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for basically the reasons you'd assume, Katey looks back to Juno and a suburbia full of characters, Patches justifies why he selected Michael Haneke's Caché, and David picks a full-length dance movie with Girl Walk All Day.

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00:23 – Welcome to Episode 150!

04:58 – Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

20:58 – Juno

38:24 – Caché

58:38 – GirlWalk//AllDay


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