147 – La La Land, Best Original Song Favs, and Westworld Season 1 Spoiler Discussion

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This week, La La Land with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone sees limited release, so Katey, Matt and David all place themselves on the critical spectrum for the film. Then, Katey just saw Moana and has the songs stuck in their head – will this be Lin Manuel Miranda's chance to EGOT? Finally, the first season of Westworld came to a close on HBO last Sunday and all four hosts have opinions as to how successfully it managed to wrap up.


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00:00 – Lightning Round: Oscar Winners To TV

01:35-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 147!  Review!

04:43 –  Tidbit:  La La Land

19:2  – Mini Segment: Moana and Best Original Song

27:36 – Segment 3: Westworld Season 1

55:56 –  Outro


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