145 – Wedding Music and Art for the Age of Trump

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This week, David had to take the week off (he's fine!), so Katey and Patches and Da7e re-conviene to … Well, we're not exaclty sure what out place is this week. We start off by checking in on each other (and our listeners), then talk about music that should and should not be played at Patches' upcoming nuptuals. Then, it's all election time with a short segment about protecting your friends through donations, then a long segment three where we use Arrival, the Amy Adams alien movie as a way to start talking about how pop culture should work for the next four years.  


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00:00 – Lightning Round: Self Care

02:27-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 145!  Reviews!

09:37 –  Tidbit:  Patches' Wedding Music

23:38  – Mini Segment: Give if you can?

29:40 – Segment 3: What happend and where does media go from here?

56:49 –  Outro


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