140 – Race/Gender/American Politics and Pop Culture

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This week, Katey watched some of the BBC's Fleabag and is ready to talk to David and Patches about it! Otherwise, this show is all politics as it relates to pop culture. First, Ava Duvernay's new documentary The 13th is on Netflix and people have opinions! Then, we talk Fleabag until Charlie pulls Katey away before the remaining bros take on the 2016 Election as cinema.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Monster Carnage

01:28-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 140!  Reviews!

05:03 –  Tidbit:  The 13th 

18:49  – Mini Segment: Katey Watched Some Fleabag

28:07 – Segment 3: Election 2016 and Cinema

51:35 –  Outro


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