137 – TIFF as old as time, Emmys old as rhyme, Blair Witch was a beast

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This week, the original gang is back as Katey, Patches, Da7e and David interrogate opinions out of Ehrlich who attended this years Toronto International Film Festival and has the scoops on what went down and what we should look forward to seeing (or skipping) in the upcoming season. Then, Patches and Da7e both saw Blair Witch and both watched it bomb over the weekend…what happened? Finally, after watching the Emmys on Sunday, David thinks it's absurd that single episodes are submitted. The group has to talk that out.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Favorite Disney Song

02:02 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 137!  Reviews!

07:58 –  Tidbit:  TIFF 2016 Round-Up

23:43  – Mini Segment: What happened with Blair Witch?

34:15 – Segment 3: Submitting to the Emmys

55:11 –  Outro


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