135 – Katey Returns!

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This week, KATEY RICH IS ON THE WHOLE PODCAST! Back from producing a new life, Katey and Patches discuss how little Charlie has changed Kateys media consuption, the view from Katey's house regarding awards season and reflect back on New York film experiences in honor of Katey's 10 year Living-In-New-York-versery. Da7e even chimes in right at the end.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Little Known Kids Films

01:11-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 135!  Reviews!

06:39 –  Tidbit:  How having a baby changes your life​

22:12  – Mini Segment: Oscar buzz from Katey's awards-season bunker in Park Slope​

30:35 – Segment 3: New York'n Film

50:28 –  Outro


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