132 – The Get Down and Open Letters to DC

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AUDIO NOTE – David’s microphone began generating static during segment three when the laptop he was recording began to run low on memory. We corrected the issue as much as we could and will avoid it in the future. Thanks.

This week, Patches, Joanna, David and Da7e talk about Pajiba’s Open Letter to Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara that started the rumor that Wonder Woman, next year’s DC Fils installment, might not be good. That’s after Joanna, David, and Patches discuss Netflix’s new show The Get Down about the birth of hip hop in New York and all four hosts quickly list off some pop culture they feel on the outside of at the moment.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Business Partners

01:11-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 132!  Review!

09:40 –  Tidbit:  The Get Down

25:07  – Mini Segment: Excluded From ________

34:05 – Segment 3: Open Letter and Open Letters

59:39 –  Outro


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