131 – White Guys, Then Children’s Movies

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Plus a "bad" mini segment

This week, Patches, Joanna, David and Da7e debate how much they can hold Stephen Colbert responsible for apologizing to Donald Trump on the Late Show last year, only to use him as a target for ridicule to boost his ratings now. Then, David wants everyone to pick a single "best living director" for a mini segment, then with Pete's Dragon coming out this week and garnaring some good reviews, we ponder the state of Children's/Family films in a year of talking animal overload.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Bridges!

01:24-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 131!  Reviews!

06:40 –  Tidbit:  Stephen Colbert and Donald Drumpf

21:26  – Mini Segment: Best Working Director Picks

30:50 – Segment 3: The State of Children's and/or Family Entertainment

56:54 –  Outro


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