127 – When Franchise Filmmaking Goes…Wrong? When Pokémon Goes…Right?

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Plus HBO's Not-Game of Thrones "The Night Of"

This week, Joanna Robinson begins to fill in for Katey (who is out on maternity leave). She's joined by David, Patches and Da7e as they discuss HBO's nine-part crime miniseries The Night Of (no spoilers beyond the premiere!), the sudden popularity of Pokémon Go and why when big franchises change it sometimes upsets us (prompted by the reaction of some people to the new Ghostbusters).

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00:00 – Lightning Round: 80s Comedy Remakes

01:47-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 127!  Review! 

07:31 –  Tidbit:  The Night Of

23:48 – Mini Segment: Pokémon Go

37:55 – Segment 3: When Franchise Filmmaking Goes…Wrong?

1:04:56 –  Outro


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