125 – Movies We Want To Show (Our) Children

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It's our fifth Quell as Fighting in The War Room, and one of us is super pregnant. With Katey Rich's due date passed, each host picks a movie that they would pass on to the next generation, even if that generation isn't biologically theirs. We go in the order of "most likely to have children in wedlock" starting with pregnant Katey and The Music Man, moving to Matt Patches and Searching For Bobby Fischer, then to David Ehrlich for The World of Tomorrow and finally for Da7e who chose Kung Fu Panda.

Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show (@FITWR), Katey (@kateyrich) Patches (@misterpatches), Da7e (@Da7e) and David (@davidehrlich).

TECHNICAL NOTE: David is missing from the first segment due to technical and audio difficulties. 

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00:39 – Welcome to Episode 125!

05:05 – The Music Man

21:47 – Searching For Bobby Fischer

40:59 – World of Tomorrow

1:02:52 – Kung Fu Panda


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