The Filmmaking Quarter Quell – FITWR Quarter Quell Week Episode 25 Re-Release

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Each Host On When They Weren’t A Filmmaker

If you haven’t bopped over to to watch short films from Da7e, Patches and David (f Davdi decides to unlock his film), queue that up now! Don’t start yet, though, because Katey kicks things off with the story of her film’s absence. After that, Da7e attempts to make something out of nothing, Patches adapts a short story and isn’t sure he’s satisfied and David learns about being a director while on the job, commanding a crew.

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00:00 – 01:45 – Welcome to Episode 25 and Quarter Quell Explaining.

01:45 – 17:08 – Katey’s Student Film

17:08 – 34:12 – Da7e’s Little Dude

34:12 – 53:04 – Patches’ Mudder Tongue

53:04 – 1:14:30 – David’s Proposals

1:14:30 – 1:17:03 – Outro

This week’s music:

“Fancy” by Iggy Azalea
1000 Pieces of Light” by Jess

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