Movies We Wanted To Be When We Grew Up – Episode 75 Re-Release

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Each Host Brings A Film That Influenced Who They Are

It’s our third Quell as Fighting in The War Room, and we’re getting all nostalgic again. Katey, Da7e, David and Patches have each brought a film that they wanted to be when they grew up. Katey always wanted to be Marty McFly from Back to the Future, Da7e wishes he were Penny Marshall’s Big, David sees himself in James L. Brooks’ Broadcast News and Patches, perhaps predictably, chooses earnest love-of-teaching-music movie Mr. Holland’s Opus.

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00:00 – Welcome to Episode 75

01:48 – Katey’s Back to the Future

19:47 – Da7e’s Big

36:52 – David’s Broadcast News

55:54 – Patches’ Mr. Holland’s Opus


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