121 – Potentially Disastrous Career Moves for Sandler, Depp and Katey’s baby

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We ALL Want a Do-Over

Please Note: Da7e suffered from verbal dyslexia during Fighting In The War Room Episode 120 and knows that he said “Casual” every time he meant “Causal.” Rest assured his soul has died 1000 deaths since then and he’s eternally sorry. Thank you for letting us know, you can stop now.

This week, Katey, Patches, Da7e and David are here to debate bad decisions. First, Patches and David saw Adam Sandler’s second Netflix movie The Do-Over with David Spade and…ugh. Then, a thought experiment about making Katey’s unborn child a baby movie star followed by a long segment three where we debate how much Johnny Depp’s recent allegations of domestic abuse can really hurt his franchise.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Best Post SNL Performance?

01:24-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 121!  Reviews! 

05:38 –  Tidbit: Adam Sandler’s The Do-Over

18:52 – Mini Segment: Baby Acting – Cool?

26:13 – Segment 3: Johnny Depp and Everyone’s line for disengagement

52:47 – Outro


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