119 – DANGER! A Short Episode

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Former U.S. Congressman and current New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner leaves his apartment building, in New York, Wednesday, July 24, 2013. On Tuesday Weiner made a public mea culpa for a newfound sexting scandal that erupted amid the mayoral run he hopes will rewrite his political future. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

When Segment 3 Got Deleted

This week, Katey, Patches, Da7e and David suffer some technical difficulties, so this week’s segment 3 about hte “Game of Thrones” phenomena had to get cut (it was full of static and pauses, you would have hated it). After a now ironic couple of reviews that include audio quality knocks, the team takes on Weiner, the new documentary that closely follows the Anthony Weiner scandal. Then, Patches is on the Dakota Johnson train now that he’s seen How to be Single. Then the show wraps up because of technical difficulties. Drag. We’ll fix it.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Casually Progressive Comedy

01:57-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 119!  Reviews! 

07:50 –  Tidbit: The documentary called Weiner

19:34 – Mini Segment: How to Be Single and Dakota Johnson

23:55 – Outro

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