118 – What is Star Power in Current Hollywood?

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Plus, David is a Fanboy about Radiohead

This week, Katey, Patches, Da7e and David hear you: That Captain America: Civil War review last Friday was divisive. Our comments and Twitters felt the force of Civil War fans who felt David and Patches went too hard on the film, so this week as a way of using that to further discussion, David talks about Radiohead’s new album Moon Shaped Pool helped him understand Marvel fandom, then Katey and Da7e get a whole segment to respond to Friday’s review and the comments left on FightingInTheWarRoom.com. Then, Jodie Foster’s Money Monster is coming out this week with Julia Roberts and George Clooney as the stars, but it doesn’t seem like those names hold the sway they used to. Is Money Monster a relic of an older form of star power?

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00:00 – Lightning Round: It’s OK Being Single

01:35-   Intro: Welcome To Episode 118!  International Reviews! 

07:01 –  Tidbit: David uses Radiohead to understand fandom

19:48 – Mini Segment: Da7e and Katey Civil War Redux

28:43 –  Segment 3: Star Power

51:27 – Outro

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