113 – The Boss, Video Game Movies and Trash TV

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This week, Da7e heads to the West Coast for business, so Katey, David, and Patches bring their East Coast Bernie Sanders impressions to the war room. What trash TV are we watching? Are video games more influential than movies to today’s modern filmmakers? Who’s The Boss? All questions answered on this week’s show.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Middle Aged White Guy Movies

01:31 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 113!  Review! 

06:12 –  Tidbit: The Boss

19:46 – Mini Segment: Terrible television shows we watch

26:47 –  Segment 3: Hardcore Henry and video game movies

47:33 – Outro


“The Boss,” Rick Ross ft. T-Pain
“Naked and Afraid,” Beth Crowley
“Video Games,” Lana Del Rey
“Katie Queen of Tennessee,” The Apache Relay
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