Thought Bubble 34 – Packed with Easter Eggs like an Earth-2 Speed Dial

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A podcast about Comics Pop Culture!

Hello FITWR listeners, Republic City Dispatch fanatics and Storm of Spoilers/Cast of Kings fantasy nerds, we’re back for more comics discussion!

New comics enthusiast Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood and The Station Agents podcast is joined by a guy who was surprised he wasn’t a constant in the multiverse,  Da7e Gonzales of and

No matter your level of engagement, if you’re interested in comic books and their surrounding pop culture, this show’s for you!

THIS WEEK: Jo and Da7e are back for the pre-Deadpool Thought Bubble. Comic book movie season kicks off this FRIDAY and we’re getting ready by including some pre-movie talk about what we’re expecting. The two go through what they’ve been reading which leads to Dave’s crisis of conscience about the CEO of Marvel giving money to Donald Trump and him summing up what he thinks is happening in Batman. Joanna catches Da7e up on Agent Carter and Supergirl, and Da7e makes the case for Legends of Tomorrow before both of them geek out over the most recent episode of  The Flash on the CW that took the crew to Earth-2. Finally in a VERY WELL ANNOUNCED SPOILER SECTION THIS TIME (many apologies for last time), we wonder about Infinity Stones, Thor: Ragnarok and Netflix shows.

Spoiler section starts a 1:03:53

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Episode Links:

G Willow Wilson on the Perlmutter/Trump situation.

Scott Snyder Detective Comics Rumors

James Gunn on GotG Vol 2

This week’s closing track is “Formation” by Beyoné, but you can also hear Da7e’s extended Puppy Monkey Baby cut HERE.

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