NOT AN EPISODE – Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Marvel’s Iron Fist for Netflix

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Hi-ho, Da7e here!

On the day we recorded our latest Star Wars Special, news broke that Netflix and Marvel cast Finn Jones as Iron Fist. This caused some controversy online where there had been calls to cast Danny Rand as Asian American.

After spending most of that day talking to Joanna Robinson about the casting over instant messenger, the discussion inevitably spilled over into the recording. Patches, Jo and I started off the Star Wars Special without Neil Miller, so the first chunk is just the three of us going over the news. Then, after the Star Wars Special was finished recording, Patches had to take off and Neil joined in the ongoing Iron Fist talk.

I’ve posted what I can here because according to Twitter there was some interest in hearing what the debate inside the FITWR podcasting team was.


This will not be pushed into any podcast feeds.

It’s just because discussion is good. So is yelling at corporations.


You might have noticed that this post briefly disappeared. That was entirely my fault (still Da7e, Da7e’s fault).

As I describe loosely above, we recorded this not-an-episode in between other recordings when we all thought we were off air (except Joanna, who recorded the entire thing). That lead me to try to win a racial argument with my friends (for better or for worse) by suggesting Marvel could be bringing it’s 1970s Kung Fu characters into the same series.

THAT little nugget that I brought up was NOT my information to report, and I don’t like being an asshole to my fellow scoop journalists and spoiler enthusiasts. Now that MCU Exchange and The Hashtag Show have actually had the chance to break their news without me stepping all over it in podcast argument form, the Iron Fist not-an-episode has been restored.

Sorry about the runaround of this file being up for mere hours before being pulled for no reasons, but it’s not worth betraying trust to be the first person to say something.

Ok, that’s it. Fight on!

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