107 – Opinions from people some sarcastically call “Journalists”

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The Witch, Deadpool’s success, and a Listener-prompted segment!

Absent a Patches, Katey, Da7e and enemy of Fox news David Ehrlich are free to hear David’s thoughts on A24’s first wide release The Witch that comes out this Friday and discuss with Da7e how Deadpool could have become such a massive financial hit. Then, a comment on the Fighting In the War Room website requests the gang review what it’s like to try and be a critic these days, which leads to much reminiscing about how the three hosts got here in the first place.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Historic Biopic Directors

02:07 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 107!  Reviews! 

06:09 –  Tidbit: The Witch

18:46 – Mini Segment: Whoa, Deadpool!

30:02 –  Segment 3: Being a film or pop culture critic as a job

57:33 – Outro

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