STAR WARS SPECIAL – Episode One: A Phantom Jedi Awakening Menace

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The Phantom Menace > Return of the Jedi

The Fighting In The War Room podcast family acknowledges that Star Wars Mania is here to stay now that Disney-purchased Lucasfilm plans to spin the saga and anthology movies out into the foreseeable future. It’s time to fight in the galactic war room. In the first of our Star Wars specials, Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood (and the Thought Bubble and Storm of Spoilers podcasts) takes a quiz to recall The Phantom Menace followed by spoiler-phobe Matt Patches’ quiz to recall Return of the Jedi. Then, the two lock horns like two sons of Dathomir to debate Patches’ theory that The Phantom Menace is a better movie than Return of the Jedi. Finally, Katey stops by to kick Patches out and finally talk freely about The Force Awakens for the first time on a FITWR podcast.

A Note on SPOILERS: On a scale from Mister Patches (knowing nothing) to Storm of Spoilers (spoiling everything), this episode’s final segment is in the middle. There will be a GONG SOUND 22 minutes in to warn you when that the speculation is about to happen. The rest of the podcast is spoiler free! 

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00:00 – It’s A Star Wars Special!

01:25 –   Intro

03:01 –  RETENTION QUIZ – The Phantom Menace Vs. Joanna

14:00 –  RETENTION QUIZ – Return of the Jedi Vs. Patches

28:36 – The Phantom Menace > Return of the Jedi

22:11 –  SPOILER GONG! Living in a Force Awakens world w/o having seen The Force Awakens

1:21:36 – Outro

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