STAR WARS SPECIAL – Episode 2: Revenge of the New Hopes

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Plus The Force Awakens speculations

The Fighting In The War Room podcast family acknowledges that Star Wars Mania is here to stay now that Disney-purchased Lucasfilm plans to spin the saga and anthology movies out into the foreseeable future. It’s time to fight in the galactic war room.

In the second Star Wars Special, Matt Patches (who has managed to avoid all information about the Force Awakens except that the Millennium Falcon is in it) and Joanna Robinson engage with Da7e on what level of Star Wars minutiae is a step too far. Trivia? Expanded Universe? Then, Katey Rich and Joanna entertain Da7e’s R2-D2 theory as a way of talking about how to improve the prequels.

Then – This is the LAST PODCAST RECORDED before everyone sees The Force Awakens! – it’s finally time for The Storm of Spoilers crew to apply their Game of Thrones Citadel of Crazytown to Episode VII. No one has actually seen the movie, but everyone has questions. Then, the hosts brainstorm possible titles for Episode VIII.

A Note on SPOILERS: On a scale from Mister Patches (knowing nothing) to Storm of Spoilers (spoiling everything), this episode’s final segment TOTAL SPOILAGE POSSIBLE. There will be a GONG SOUND 1 hour and 27 minutes in in to warn you when that the speculation is about to happen. 

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00:00 – It’s A Star Wars Special!

02:10 –   Intro

04:18 –  RETENTION QUIZ – Revenge of the Sith Vs. Katey

17:56 –  RETENTION QUIZ – A New Hope Vs. Neil

32:08 – How Much Star Wars is Too Much Star Wars (Expanded Universe)

57:06 – R2-D2, Withholding Droid and What You’d Change About the Prequels

1:27:35 –  SPOILER GONG! The Force Awakens Spoiler/Speculation Free-For-All

2:13:56 – Outro

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