97 – Jessica Jones AKA how to stop David from talking about Carol

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With returning guest Joanna Robinson!

This week, Netflix has finally released their second Marvel series of the year, Jessica Jones from showrunner Melissa Rosenberg and star Kristen Ritter. David Ehrlich totally liked it, so we brought in a contrarian to face off against David’s unexpected Marvel love: Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson! Jo sticks around for an episode that is otherwise lightly about the Cate Blanchett movie Carol, considering there’s a segment praising Blanchett and another inspired by Carol’s score, but the meat here is Jessica Jones.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Stallone Reboot

01:15 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 97!  International Reviews!

05:26 –  Tidbit: Cate Blanchett

19:21 – Mini Segment: Score!

24:09 –  Segment 3: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

48:18 – Outro




Seg 3/Outro


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