92 – Catching Up Way Too Late

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And if there’s anything out there right now making the case for theater-going

This week, Katey, David and Patches are down a Da7e, but still manage to bring the heat with a discussion about David’s mysterious dog-related tweet review of the Carrie Mulligan movie Suffragette, then Katey prompts everyone to recommend something they are catching up late on because she finally discovered USA’s Playing House. Finally, The Walk and Everest are movies meant to be seen in the theater, but it doesn’t seem like people are. That plus The Martian‘s theatrical performance has Katey wondering if we go to theaters anymore.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Eccentric Nonsense Franchises

01:11 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 92!  REVIEWS!

04:13 –  Tidbit: Suffragette and David’s Unhappy Dog Review 

15:58 – Mini Segment: Catching Up on Things Way Late

23:05 –  Segment 3: The Walk, Everest, The Martian and Theater-going Spectacle

41:39 – Outro




Seg 3


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