91 – Produced By Stephen Spielberg

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And renewed debate on The Martian

This week, Katey, Da7e and David are at the whim of Patches, who wants them to ask themselves if Ridley Scott’s The Martian is a movie of the moment, and if they can agree on what that is. Then, The second season of FX’s Fargo has debuted and pushes the series back in time for a new angle. Finally, a Patches Matches trivia round about movies produced by Steven Spielberg!

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Adaptable Adolescence

01:42 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 91!  REVIEW!

03:21 –  Tidbit: The Martian is a movie of 2015

18:28 – Mini Segment: TV’s Fargo

28:36 –  Segment 3: Patches Matches: Produced by Steven Spielberg

57:18 – Outro


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