Thought Bubble #26 – Inside Baseball

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A podcast about Comics Pop Culture!

Hello FITWR listeners, Republic City Dispatch fanatics and Storm of Spoilers/Cast of Kings fantasy nerds, we’re back for more comics discussion!

New comics enthusiast Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood and The Station Agents podcast is joined by a guy who may have learned some facts about Daredevil Season 2 this week,  Da7e Gonzales of, and, to answer YOUR comic book questions.

No matter your level of engagement, if you’re interested in comic books and their surrounding pop culture, this show’s for you!

THIS WEEK: Joanna and Da7e took a week off to record an episode of STORM OF SPOILERS, so this week they are back and have comparatively A LOT of comics to talk about. Seriously, prepare for over 20 minutes at the top that is just about comic books. THEN, because of the Marvel brain trust shake-up and some comments by Steven Spielberg and Emma Thompson, Joanna takes the muzzle off of Da7e who gets way too into discussing how he knows more than both of those artistic geniuses. As per usual, no one is changing their opinion, but Da7e gets to yell about it.

SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS for the next episode here in the comments, or e-mail us at [email protected]


Episode Links:

Joanna on the Marvel shake-up

Joanna on Steven Spielberg’s quote

Emma Thompson’s quote

This week’s closing track is “Do You Feel It?” by Chaos Chaos and – yes – it was also in Rick and Morty last month.

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