85 – One Day You Wake Up Old and the Best TV Adaptation Series is Behind You

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And a short bit on Wes Craven’s greatness

Katey is back with Da7e, Patches and David and not only did she survive her vacation, she survived the VMAs. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards had Da7e feeling old and Miley Cyrus comes up. We lost Wes Craven this weekend, so everyone takes a moment to reminisce about the man who mastered horror for over three decades. Finally, NBC’s Hannibal aired what was probably its series finale and Da7e who has read all the Thomas Harris books thinks the TV show might be the best adaptation ever.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: West 2020

01:16 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 85!  REVIEW!

03:41 –  Tidbit: Did this year’s VMAs make you feel old?

19:59 – Mini Segment: RIP Wes Craven

26:12 –  Segment 3: Hannibal and Adaptations of books

45:05 – Outro

Music Breaks 



Seg 3

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