80 – What is a spy movie? No, really, we might not know

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Plus: Is that David Foster Wallace movie a travesty?

Katey, Patches and Da7e and David are back to talk about how authors and famous people an how they are portrayed in film. First, everyone but Da7e has seen the David Foster Wallace book-tour movie The End of the Tour and debates what this movie is about and if that makes it worth watching. Then, Patches wants to know if someone being famous is reason enough to document them, which ends up unveiling the groups true feelings about the documentary format. Finally, for Segment 3, we all think we know what a spy movie is, but it turns out, we don’t.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: 80s Remake Pairings

01:51 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 80!  REVIEWS!

05:24 –  Tidbit: The End of the Tour

21:21 – Mini Segment: Documentaries about famous individuals

29:01 –  Segment 3: What are spy movies?

50:52 – Outro

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