STORM OF SPOILERS – Stop Handshaking, Jorah!

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With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales from and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!


If you’re looking for spoiler-free dissection of the highest caliber, you’re looking for A CAST OF KINGS (click there)

This podcast includes some occasional cussing, but only a few charred little girls. It covers SEASON 5 EPISODE 9 “Dance of Dragons”

This week, Neil has returned on the back of Drogon! It took him awhile to find us because of the oncoming winter, so we had to meet him at the second biggest fire the North has ever seen: the one where Wun Wun dries his clothes. Mace Tyrell is back and full of song, Arya has a really good chance at mutilating a guy’s junk next week, and Olly’s Gonna Olly at The Wall. This week’s Dorne tomfoolery has the hosts wondering if it can be saved or if this whole season was a waste of Dorne time, we talk about burning little girls and just what that much King’s blood can do.  Finally, after a discussion of oddly poor special effects, we all realize that there’s way too much to do in the finale.

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The Boneyard (book characters left out entirely):

  • Young Griff/(f)Aegon

  • Griff/Jon Connington

  • Cold Hands

  • Strong Belwas

  • Brown Ben Plumm

  • Osney Kettleblack and his brothers

  • Quentyn Martell

  • Arys Oakheart

  • Val and her baby

  • Donal Noye

  • Edric Storm (condensed with Gendry)

  • Wyman Manderly

  • Marillion the Bard

  • Patchface (Shireen’s bestie)

  • Long-winded descriptions of food.


At the Gates of the Boneyard (characters discarded by the show whose role is seemingly bigger in the books):

  • Benjen Stark

  • The Ironborn (Victarion, Euron, Balon, Yara)

  • Nymeria the Direwolf (and her pack)

  • Beric and Thoros

  • The Blackfish


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This week’s closing track:

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