73 – No Fighting in the Entourage

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And which host is which Game of Thrones character?

This week – Oh YEAH (Oh Yeah (oh yeah (ohyeah))) it’s an all dude ‘cast as Patches, Da7e and David are down a Katey. It’s appropriate that this is also the week an Entourage movie comes out, so these three guys talk about why the series seems mostly hated this time around. Then, in a segment inspired by Patches’ dinner small talk, each host has to cast the FITWR line-up as Game of Thrones characters (surprisingly no one is Hodor). Finally, David wonders if wanting to see your political ideals reflected onscreen sometimes hurts cinema by throwing the baby out with the nitpicky bathwater.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Silly titles

01:11 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 73!  

02:59 –  Tidbit: Entourage the Hated

17:27 – Mini Segment: Which GOT Characters are the FITWR hosts?

25:34 –  Segment 3: People want movies to just align with their utopian idea of the world

55:58 – Outro


Music Breaks 



Seg 3


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