STORM OF SPOILERS – Erecting a Citadel In Crazytown

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With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales from and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!


If you’re looking for spoiler-free dissection of the highest caliber, you’re looking for A CAST OF KINGS (click there)

This podcast includes some harsh language and blunt spoiling. But… you’ve already seen Reek horribly tortured and are dead inside anyway.

This week, we don’t go to King’s Landing or Dorne, instead we spend time East and North. What characters get added to the Boneyard this week after a Stony encounter in Valyria swaps in Jorah for a Griff? At the wall, Joanna and Neil try to make Da7e feel better about what Ollie is obviously being used for and we quickly touch on if we’re gonna make it to Oldtown later on down the line. Stannis and his group are leaving the wall and everything that happens at Winterfell is foreign to us, so that begins the big kick-off of this week’s crackpot theories. Where will Stannis meet the Boltons? Who dies where? When should we resume Stoneheart watch?

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The Boneyard (book characters left out entirely):

  • Young Griff/(f)Aegon

  • Griff/Jon Connington

  • Cold Hands

  • Strong Belwas

  • Brown Ben Plumm

  • Osney Kettleblack and his brothers

  • Aryanne Martell

  • Quentyn Martell

  • Arys Oakheart

  • Randyll Tarly (still possible)

  • Val and her baby

  • Donal Noye

  • Edric Storm (condensed with Gendry)

  • Wyman Manderly (and with him, Frey Pies… maybe)

  • Marillion the Bard

  • Patchface (Shireen’s bestie)

  • Long-winded descriptions of food.


At the Gates of the Boneyard (characters discarded by the show whose role is seemingly bigger in the books):

  • Benjen Stark

  • The Ironborn (Victarion, Euron, Balon, Yara)

  • Nymeria the Direwolf (and her pack)

  • Beric and Thoros

  • The Blackfish



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This week’s closing track:

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