STORM OF SPOILERS – Bad News, Benjen

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With Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair, Dave Gonzales from and Neil Miller from Film School Rejects!


If you’re looking for spoiler-free dissection of the highest caliber, you’re looking for A CAST OF KINGS (click there)

This podcast includes some occasional cussing, but no more than usual. It covers SEASON 5 EPISODE 7 “The Gift.”

This week, all our hosts dream that they are old and have all the time in the world to discuss Game of Thrones. We can’t get through a single scene without having some questions about execution or some speculation about how this contributes to the end of the season. Casting for Season 6 of the show has begun and we might put a little too much stock on what IMDB says about the tenth episode of the season. Da7e gets a quick geography lesson, Neil convinces everyone he knows better about the Dorne plotline and we all wonder if we’ve seen the last of Benjen Stark.

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The Boneyard (book characters left out entirely):

  • Young Griff/(f)Aegon

  • Griff/Jon Connington

  • Cold Hands

  • Strong Belwas

  • Brown Ben Plumm

  • Osney Kettleblack and his brothers

  • Quentyn Martell

  • Arys Oakheart

  • Val and her baby

  • Donal Noye

  • Edric Storm (condensed with Gendry)

  • Wyman Manderly (and with him, Frey Pies… maybe)

  • Marillion the Bard

  • Patchface (Shireen’s bestie)

  • Long-winded descriptions of food.


At the Gates of the Boneyard (characters discarded by the show whose role is seemingly bigger in the books):

  • Benjen Stark

  • The Ironborn (Victarion, Euron, Balon, Yara)

  • Nymeria the Direwolf (and her pack)

  • Beric and Thoros

  • The Blackfish


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This week’s closing track:

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