61 – Visiting Grey Gardens

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Plus: David Goes to A Porn Festival

This week, Katey, Da7e and David are down a Patches, so we’ll never know what Matt thinks about Grey Gardens, the 1979 documentary about a mother and daughter both named Edith Beale and the documentarians who discovered their…odd…reclusive lifestyle. The doc is being re-released and Katey just saw it for the first time, so the gang delves into Grey Gardens’ relationship to reality TV and wonder if docs like this get made anymore. That plus Mr. Ehrlich went to Porn Hub’s NYC Porn Film Festival. Probably should have lead with that.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Favorite Worst Superstar Movie

02:01 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 61! Review! 

3:32-  Tidbit: NYC Porn Film Festival

17:29 – Mini Segment: Reboot Veto

21:53 –  Segment 3: Grey Gardens and Reality

37:35 – Outro


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