59 – Powerful Stories That Might Be Fictional

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Plus: Actually Inspiring Sports Movies

This week, Katey, Da7e, David and Patches quickly want to go over this Sunday’s SNL40. Not the greatest SNL, not the worst SNL, but SNL for SNL’s sake, so they have to break down what that means. Then: When is it news, when is it entertainment and when is it our responsibility to know when the difference between the two? The recent Brian Williams debacle frames a conversation that includes actual Fighting like our namesake. Excellent. That plus a discussion on sports movies because of MacFarland USA.

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Favorite Future Prediction

01:38 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 59! Review! 

2:22- Patches’ Tidbit: SNL40

14:02 – Mini Segment: What inspiring sports movie actually inspired?

21:42 –  Segment 3: News Vs. Entertainment

46:23 – Outro


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