56 – Theme Parks, Awards Shows and Sundance 2015 Report!

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With returning guest Jordan Hoffman!

This week, Kate and Da7e stay in the War Room to talk about what interests them. Katey avoided a massive blizzard and watched the SAG Awards and Dave is reading a book that compares and contrasts Universal Theme Parks against Disney Theme Parks. It’s an alternate theater discussion and we also wonder if it’s time to end live award shows. THEN – the main event! David and Patches have been at Sundance with The Guardian‘s Jordan Hoffman and bring us a lengthy and detailed report!

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00:00 – Lightning Round: Race Movies

00:57 –   Intro: Welcome To Episode 56! 

2:00 – Katey’s Tidbit: SAG Awards

12:09 – Da7e’s Tidbit: Alternate Theater in Theme Parks

24:27 –  David, Patches and Jordan Hoffman from SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!

1:03:02 – Outro


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